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About Bens Clinic

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine,“炁” is the source of life. It is more like the sparking plug in the car and help transferring the gas to power which to maintain the orthobiosis and proper functioning. We believe all of the infant are born with “炁”. Once “炁” is extinguished, it would be the end of life. The Yi, a mysterious nationality with a long history in China, is the initiator of the “炁穴” therapy. As lived in the mountains and forests, it is hard for Yi to access to the modern western medicine because of the formidable natural and transportation conditions. But they are still long-lived because they believe they are taking good care of “炁” by using the “炁穴” therapy.

Bens Clinic follows the theory of “炁穴” therapy. Use massage to dredge the meridians and use acupuncture to stimulate the acupoints, so that the speed of self-healing can be increased and immunity can be improved. Our body is more like a house, the organs would be the electric appliances. We consider acupoints and meridians which we can’t see as switch and wires since they are invisible under the wall but affecting the operation of the house. If switch and wires are disabled, then the light in the house will be flickering and the electric appliances won’t operate normally. Our body will be ill at this stage. Lots of sub-health diseases would occur, like headache, hypertension, diabetes, insomnia etc.

All of our therapists will have the strict training and coaching with certificate of “炁穴” therapy issued by Bens Clinic before provide any service to our clients. Most of the sub-health diseases would be released and healed after 6 to 12 treatments. Bens Clinic is the maintenance station of your body. We will provide the best experience for your treatment and let you relief, revitalize.

Ben Luo, RMT, Certified Instructor of Hypnotherapy, Certified Hypnotherapist

Ben has over 20 years experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and has profound knowledge in pain management.

He started to learn Tai Chi and Qi Gong as a child. He is very good at Tao Health Cultivation Therapy. The concept of Tao Health Cultivation Therapy purports that the human body has a self-healing ability and believes a therapy should provide the treatment according to individual conditions as well as the different body type of each patient.

Ben is also a Certified Instructor of Hypnotherapy and Certified Hypnotherapist, which helps him to use subconscious language to communicate with clients.

Ben’s goal is to not only to treat the condition but to help the patients build a healthy life-style so they can learn to manage their stress and pain even after the treatment session is complete. He looks forward to meeting you.

Nicole Qiu, RMT

Coming from a family with a background in Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM), Nicole’s interest in a health profession grew naturally. Nicole learned special acupoint therapy of Chinese Yi nationality from her mother and practiced acupoint therapy for over 10 years. She has experience with a variety of conditions, injuries and health related issues.

Nicole also specializes in Deep Tissue Techniques, Sports Massage, Trigger Point Treatments, as well as Hydrotherapy Modalities.

Nicole is eager to meet you, learn your needs and to work with you to address your health concerns.

Grace Song, RMT (cc)

Grace has a dream of helping others in medical field since she was very young. She was suffering with serious lower back pains and stress related obesity and edema. With Ben and Nicole’s professional treatment, the pain was released and can’t bother Grace anymore. The more excited news is that she lost 20 pounds weight and find her confidence back to her.

She can live a better life now but she is not only satisfied with her own success. After one-year learning and understanding, she hope she can help others to get rid of pains and sub-health diseases and help them to relief, re-live. And she also very interested in the natural therapy of “Qi” and big fan of Bens Clinic. Now she decided to join Bens Clinic and share her own experience with all of you guys in here. As a client before, she will put herself in other’s shoes and understand your urgency of pain/stress release.

What you are waiting for? Let’s go talk with Grace, sharing your treatment stories in Bens Clinic.


It was one of the best professional massages I’ve ever received! I was suffering from the low back pain and neck muscle discomfort after long driving from another province. Thank you so much for reducing my muscle discomfort. I definitely recommend Ben’s Clinic!


Really amazing!! Help me a lot ! Thanks Ben


They are perfect!I will keep doing my massage there!


They provide wonderful massage therapy…
Good environment, super nice therapists…
I never have been to other places since my first visit last year… fixed lots of muscle issues – tight neck shoulders, pain in the back…
Definitely recommend to ppl..


Really great experience!friendly staff and nice environment. Highly recommended for everyone who want to relax and treat pain!


Great experience in Ben’s clinic. Really good service. People are very nice. Highly recommend!


Definitely the best massage service I have had in town. Highly recommended.


Best massage in Halifax! Very friendly people and comfortable environment. Helps a lot and will keep taking massage here.


It was an amazing experience with Ben’s clinic. Fixed all of my peoblems (Back and neck problem). These problems have been bothering me for a long time. I also recommend my many friends to there . They also gave some great feedback. He has a very professional skills and great service. Friendly. Highly recommend!!


They healed my lower back pain! It has bothered me long time because I need to sit for hours to work. It never bother me any more and I have recommend lots of my friends to their place to have the massage and they all have good feed backs.


Great Massage! I went to ben’s clinic because of back and neck pain due to long office sitting hours. Ben really understands the connection and relationship between all the muscles and joins. It was painful at the beginning, but I walk out so comfortable and relaxed. Not only the my problem was fixed, I also slept like a baby at night after the treatment. I highly recommend this clinic!


Most Authentic Chinese Clinic that I have ever been.